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Friday, October 16, 2009

Nableena - PROMO

01. Unknown Visibles.mp3
02. Filth.mp3
03. Fading Selves.mp3

Origin: Portugal
Genre: Death/Doom Metal/Ambient

Nableena was founded January 13, 2003. Altough it has been a Metal band since the beginning, Nableena did not persue any specific musical style. As the result of the most different influences, the band's main objective has been an harmonious alliance of several Metal streams with World Music arrangements, through the use of various acoustic instruments and samples integration. Therefore, Nableena's songs are often associated with styles like Death Metal, Doom, Alternative and Swedish Death Metal, incorporating unexpected flavours of Middle East music, boasted by a vocal duet ranging from melancolic singing to raging gutural screaming. In 2006 Nableena won a second position in a regional Metal bands contest. Since that time, it has been present in many important venues, greatly contributing to the widening of the azorean Metal scene. Nableena is now recording its first full audio compilation, in order to praise the 6 years of the bands hard work and dedication to Metal.

Myspace: www.myspace.com/nableena

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Uploaded by Eskhata

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