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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Bloodgush - Promo

01. Born Against God

02. Killing For The Easiness

Origin: Indonesia
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Bloodgush is another upcoming brutal death metal band from Indonesia. This promo features two tracks with a distinct difference between both the tracks. My guess is that Born Against God is one of the newer tracks, with a much clearer production and a thrashy feel that nicely complements the brutal slam death metal origins of the band, the latter which is evident on the second song, Killing For The Easiness. Check it out!

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/bloodgushmetal

Download: Rapidshare link

Uploaded by Metal Invader

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Llama Man said...

I listened to both songs on the album, the second one didnt really get my attention, but the first song "born against god" was really nice. It got me focused on the music entirely (im writing stupid shit at the interwebz meanwhile) and im sitting staring at the winamp window enjoying the track thoroughly. I havent settled with this kind of vocals yet, but you can hear he actually says something more than "UUH YYH YYH UOURAGHL".

Overall... Very nice. Im not counting the second song, since it really didnt compare to the first one, which was just excellent. Good job, ill be looking out for your future albums. :)

Metal Invader said...

Neat of you to take time out with your comments, Llama Man!

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