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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Depravity - Litanies For The World To Suffer

Full Length, self

01. The Sound of Inevitable
02. Hisabetsu Buraku
03. Decay In Embryo
04. Moshing Corpses
05. On Blood Drenched Oceans of Sand
06. Maelstrom Misanthropy
07. To Feed Upon The Innocent
08. Monster Island Crusade
09. Catering The Dead
10. Burning Pit of Isolation
11. Exit to Extinction

Origin: Germany
Genre: Death Metal

So here it is, the new full length album of Depravity, who have graciously allowed it to be uploaded in its entirety. Excluding the intro and outro, this contains 9 tracks of thrash-tinged death metal. As mentioned in the description of the promo taken from the same album, the music is midpaced to fast death metal with plenty of catchy riffs thrown in. The main focus here is definitely on creating catchy death metal anthems rather than focusing on speed or brutality. The deep throated growls along with some blackmetal type snarling in the background complement the music perfectly and some well placed double pedal pummeling propels the songs forward at key moments. My favourite songs have to be 'On Blood Drenched Oceans of Sand' for its majestic atmosphere, 'Maelstrom Misanthropy' for making me air-guitar like crazy and 'Burning Pit of Isolation' for a bucketful load of great riffs. Also included in the package is a high quality video of 'Maelstrom Misanthropy', making this an absolute must-download.

If you like what you hear, you can support the band by buying the album at:

Myspace: www.myspace.com/depravitynrwge
Email: depravityonline@gmail.com

Download: Rapidshare link

Uploaded by Metal Invader

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Daniel Hayle said...

Thanks very much to Depravity for allowing the album to be uploaded. A band with sense.

I would rather buy a shirt and see them live though...

Steve said...

Thanks Depravity!!! Can't understand why you have not been signed yet.

Depravity said...

@Daniel: If you want to buy a shirt, just contact depravityonline@gmail.com or via Myspace. Only 10 bucks...

Daiwana said...

Great Album! cheers from portugal

Daniel E said...

i really liked the album, but "On Blood Drenched Oceans of Sand" has like 3 sections that sound exactly like Behemoth's "Sculpting the Throne Ov Seth" :/ don't get me wrong though, depravity is now one of my favorite bands now :)

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