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Friday, October 16, 2009

Knifed - Foundations (Demo)

Demo, Self

1. War Criminal
2. Antagonist
3. Violencia
4. No Exit
5. Isolation
6. You're A Lost Cause
7. Conclusions

Origin: Israel
Genre: Grindcore

It's promoting bands like Knifed that makes us glad of the new direction DMI has taken. I wasn't expecting much when I decided to check out only the first track, but once it started, I couldn't care to stop till the entire demo played out. Grindcore isn't really my cup of tea, but these guys have succeeded in impressing me with their style. Production, too, is of first-rate quality. You'd be missing a chance to try a great new band if you didn't download this!

Thanks to the band member Aviv Gozlan for sending this demo to us.

Download: Rapidshare link

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Metal Invader said...

great stuff, no doubt!

ssdd_13 said...

I had no idea the Israeli's could shred on guitar and produce death metal. I am impressed with the album.

Anonymous said...

brutal stuff!