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Friday, October 02, 2009

Fumes of Decay - Festering Abscess Fornication (Demo 2009)

Demo, self released

1. Cockfilled Cadaver
2. Menstrual Blood Fountain
3. Festering Abscess Fornication
4. After Death Humiliation

Origin: Holland
Genre: Death Metal

From their Bio:
"Early 2007 Martin V and Renke had ideas to set up a brutaldeath metal band. We, both playing guitar, went searching for a suitable singer, and so Jeroen showed up to spit up some guttural growls. After drinking some beer also the name was born: Fumes of decay. We went off working and soon 2 songs were finished, but after a short time, Martin left us.
After this Jeroen and Renke decided to go on with the both of us, so we kept on working on new stuff. We removed the two first songs,because of the lack of brutality. Soon the first song was ready, but we also needed a drummer. After a while Martin K showed up and wanted to help us to get us rolling. We were very fanatic, but we almostcouln't rehearse because of Martin living too far away. We struggled like this for half a year and the motivation was fading.In one of our first rehearsals, Henk (also a drummer) was watching and liked it very much, but thought he could never drum like Martin did.however, a few weeks later, Martin told us he was lacking in time, so we asked Henk to try it. Henk's creativity and speed was fitting suprisingly well and after just 1 rehearsal we we had no doubt about it: Fumes of decay had come to life."

Metal Invader's comments:
This demo has on offer lots of fast palm muted riffs with pinch harmonic squeals blending in with guttural vocals. Musically they sound like a hybrid of Lividity and Disgorge (US), maintaining the groove of the former while taking inspiration from the latter, especially in the vocal department. The dynamics within each song are great, mosh sections fit in perfectly between fast bottom string pulverizing passages. The guitars sound heavy but at the expense of the drums which are a bit buried in the background. If only this was recorded with a slightly better production this would have sounded devastating but as of now its still definitely worth checking out!

Myspace: www.myspace.com/fumesofdecay
Contact: bloedprop@gmail.com

Download: Rapidshare link

Uploaded by Metal Invader

This demo has been uploaded with the permission of the band.


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Awesome material here. Really cool band.

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