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Friday, May 04, 2012

Comatose - Prophecies Of Man's Downfall

Full-length, None

1. Miasma
2. 0
3. Dominance After Flesh
4. Promise of Damnation
5. Apocalypse Freak
6. Hatred Reborn
7. Become the Un-Alive
8. A Mad Tale (Outro)

Origin: Lixouri, Greece
Genre: Death Metal
Website: www.myspace.com/comatosebandgr

"Comatose from the start has been Nikos (guitar), Theodosis (bass), Andreas (drums) and Greg (vocals). Formed sometime during the first half of 2005 in Lixouri, Kefallonia, all of Comatose’s live performances (up until time of writing) have been within the confines of the college which it’s members all attended. After various lives in the span of a three year existence at the on campus squat, Steki, as well as two lives in an independent festival held by the same squat, Comatose began production of their first release, recording drum tracks for six songs in February 2008. In the months to follow guitars, bass and vocals were also laid down for the band’s debut album 'Prophecies of Man’s Downfall'.
However, before the album could be released, Comatose was put on hiatus and the album was left more or less to it's unreleased fate as their members each pursued other interests."

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