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Friday, April 27, 2012

Fabricant - Demo 2010

Demo, Self-released
November 1st, 2010

1. Prelude to Aberration
2. Legacy of Thine Delirium
3. Sojourn
4. Staring at the Imprisoned

Origin: Lafayette, CA, USA
Genre: Death Metal
Website: www.myspace.com/fabricant

Band info:
"Channeling our darkest and most wretched energy into
our music, we want you to feel a chilling tremor down your spine and a
ghastly crack in your neck. Fabricant's strange, murky-black,
otherworldly death metal, inspired by the likes of Demilich, will
surely illicit feelings of shivering in a mental institution, where
happy bystanders can Stare at the Imprisoned."

review quotes:
"Fabricant are erecting an industrial complex, with the presses and
turbines powered by the steam of boiling blood and each gear and cog
lubricated with the rendered flesh of the intellectually devoid."
"Prepare for a mouthwatering display of some extremely sinister death metal."

Also, check out their post demo material uploaded on youtube!

Mediafire link

Originally uploaded by rot

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1 comment:

eilif said...

Saw these guys live a couple times and they put on a solid show. Excited to give this a listen.