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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Discovering the Underground - Steffen Kummerer (Obscura)

Since Death Metal Invasion (www.deathmetalinvasion.com) features the lesser known and more underground bands in the scene, most of our regular visitors are already quite familiar with the more famous bands such as Obscura and Revocation. We wish to introduce our readers to some new bands based on recommendations from established musicians and also let the budding musicians among our readers get some valuable advice. Hence the questions are geared towards the above.

1. Can you give a quick update about what you guys are upto these days?

We just returned from a 30 day long European tour alongside Spawn of Possession, Gorod & Exivious and recover more or less. A few things are coming up such as festival shows, a Japanese tour and we are preparing the release of a tablature book for our latest album, 'Omnivium'.

2. Please name a few underground/unknown bands which have impressed you lately.

NoNeuclid is a pretty insane group of musicians from Germany and the Netherlands which play a progressive blended death metal with flamenco and extreme metal influences. They perform only here and there live but if so, with a full orchestra which is very unique in this kind of music. Linus Klausenitzer (Obscura Bassist) ist part of this group as well.
Last Chance to Reason where a band that supported us on our latest North American tour. Besides they are great persons they are skilled musicians and write music with catchable hooks. Good live band and definitely worth to check out.
Exivious from the Netherlands toured with us last month. A group with Robin Zielhorst & Tymon Kruidenier which both played in Cynic for many years sounds pretty interesting anyway. If you get into their world of instrumental fusion metal and you are a bit open minded it's the perfect music for a more silent evening. I am pretty sure you'll hear from all bands more in the very near future.

3. Can you name a few recent albums which you think everyone should check out?

Coming to nowadays releases I have to admit Spawn of Possession's Incurso is extremely well done and interesting music for everyone into technical death metal. Alarum and their album Natural Causes is a guitarists dream, unfortunately the band seems to be out of the touring mode for a long time. Opeth and the Heritage album went into a new direction I really enjoy. Far away from being a brutal death metal band Opeth create more and more their own niche somewhere between prg rock and metal. Going along the realxed road Katatonia and Night is the new day impressed me with their short but strong compositions. Coming back to the metal business I really enjoy Nader Satek and the 2011 album I the Flesh which was the best album of Steve Tucker since Gateway to Annihilation.

4. Some old albums which u have been listening to lately?

Dissection's Storms of the Light's Bane which is a great combination between skilled musicianship and black metal with great compositions and harmony work. Ihsahn's first solo effort, The Adversary, is also buildt upon a classic black metal feeling but great musicianship, some Queen / King Daimond vibes and a fantastic performance. Symbolic by Death is one of the best albums in this genre made up to date. Songwriting, performance and production are just top notch and barely reached by others. For the more old school listeners I can recommend Triptykon's latest effort as well as the latest Celtic Frost album, Monotheist. Another all time fave is Cynic – Focus, great mixture between metal, fusion and progressive music in general.

5. Any bands which have impressed you tremendously with their live performances?

A friend took me to a show of Accept and Hell, both not exactly the bands I listen to, but I've rarely seen a band like Accept being sympathic, tight and fan friendly that way. Being totally down to earth and talking to everyone after a two hour set felt very satisfing. Not my music, but definitely supporting this group. Recently Behemoth, Hellsaw, Exivious, Gorod and Insomnium had a great performance.

6. Do you have any advice for new bands who are keen to make a good name for themselves? How important is playing live shows these days while compared with the need to take a break and compose new material?

First and most important; do not loose the fun and joy of plaing music at all. If you just play live because of the band and not the pleasure of performing the material you like stop it. Don't pay to play. Never. Don't play at every corner and don'T take on every tour you can get. Check if it makes sense or not before.

7. Any other message for DMI readers? What is your opinion of the DMI site?

Thank you very much for your interview and your interest in our band. Keep on supporting the underground and see you somewhere somewhen on tour.

Websites: www.realmofobscura.com

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