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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Dinozauras - Ecce Cruor!

Full-length, Give Praise Records

1. Ecce Cruor!
2. Tvinkčiojimas
3. Besismaginanti Šlykstynė
4. Laboulbeniales-4
5. Įpareigotas Maitoti
6. Debilokaustas
7. Apkartęs Mėlynas Dangus
8. Nesąmoningas Žiaurumas
9. Pedofilų Klanas (ANALINIS ORATORIUS cover)
10. Šiūkšlės (P.K.I.K.T. cover)
11. Buttrape (ORAL CLIMAX cover)
12. Vėdarai (DISFORIJA cover)
13. Pontifikas (KARMA JAWLESS cover)

Origin: Vilnius, Lithuania
Genre: Goregrind/Sludge
Websites: www.facebook.com/DinozaurasGore

"Groovy gore soaked grindcore from Lithuania! Doomed to splatter even the rawest of spectators! Lined slightly with death metal riffs from beneath the grave, this brings in some catchy elements to line up a splattering goregrind sound from this disc. This comes with bonus tribute tracks from fellow Lithuanian grinders!"

It's limited to 500 copies, so don't hesitate to BUY IT!

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