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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Discovering the Underground - André Neil (Laconist)

Today we asked Neil, guitarist and vocalist of brazilian beast Laconist. Their last release "Aural Deathblow" was one of the most furious and intense death metal albums in 2011! Bring it on:

1. Please name a few underground/unknown bands which have impressed you lately (and a short line or two about each band would be good).

I have been listening a lot to Spearhead (UK) "Theomachia" is sick, i love the vocals and the instrumental blend perfectly with it. Just brutal and recalls me a little to Angelcorpse, but in a higher level. Another band i've been addicted to lately is Maveth from Finland. Christbutcher (guitars and vocals) was in Dethroned and Excomnunion in the United States. He moved to Europe and joined another guys. I consider Maveth like a darker and heavier Incantation. They can definitely express Absolute Darkness with their music! All Hails.

2. Name a few new albums which you think everyone should check out (and a short line or two about what's good about the album).

For the rest of my life, if anyone asks for an album they should check out i will always tell these ones first:

1 - Centurian "Choronzonic Chaos Gods" I haven't heard another album that brings so much hatred, chaos and destruction like this one. Seth Van De Loo's voice is simply magnificent. Tracks like "Damned and Dead", "Blood for Satan" and "Hail Caligula!!!" defines the CD. This album changed my life.
2 - Nox - "Ixaxaar" I consider this album, the official Centurian's third record LOL. Because i have expected that for so long after the band split on 2002. And they did not let us down, this is the true Masterpiece of Chaos! SIC LUCEAT NOX!!! Seth was singing again, it was just perfect.
3 - Lost Soul - "Immerse in Infinity" When i first knew Lost Soul was back and they were ready to release a new album, i thought they could never do something better than "Chaostream" i was DAMN wrong LOL. The first time i listened to the full album i was like "What the fuck is that??" Fucking amazing work and EVERY Death Metal Fan should have it.
4 - Dissenter - "Furor Arma Ministrat" Poland shelters the best Death Metal bands in this world in my opinion. Dissenter's "Furor Arma Ministrat" is one of the most brutal works i have ever listened too. Tracks like "Admired Masterpiece" and "Suffering sent into Mercy" just calls it. I can't wait for new stuff.
5 - Trauma - "Determination" Well, another polish band LOL. This album is something beyond human understanding. It is complex, it is brutal, perfect production and amazing compositions. I usually recommend this to Deathheads looking for new stuff.

3. Some old albums which u have been listening to lately (and a short line or two about what's good about the album)?

Fuck Yeah! Oldstuff :D - Today i listened to "Transcend the Rubincon" from Benediction. It was the first Death Metal CD i have ever bought. That same day i got "Symbolic" from Death and "Butchered at Birth" from Cannibal Corpse. I was 13 years and those albuns drove me completely insane LOL. I also was listening to Brutality a few days ago, this band will never get old and it is one of my favorites.

4. Any other message for DMI readers? What is your opinion about DMI?

Death Metal Invasion has been my favorite blog for years. It was the first place i put my band's very first release 4 years ago. And keep bringing the best stuff!! All Hails!

Websites: www.laconist.com

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