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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Avoidant - Eye-solated Breed

Demo, Self-released

1. A Catalyst for Destruction
2. Catatonic Force, The Disconnection Phase

Origin: Lima, Peru
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Website: www.myspace.com/avoidantofficial

"Unleashing a relentless fusion of Technical death metal, modern metal, with the precision guitar attack of progressive metal/shoegaze, Avoidant was formed in Lima, Peru in the winter of 2010 after the idea and projection from the musicians Daniel Ramón Ibárcena Mollyk and Giancarlo Melgar Novoa whom met each other through a social network and also because of the genre relation between each one’s parallel bands. After having made contact through the social network, they decided to get together and begin to develop the Death Metal project.
After exchanging ideas and meet each other, they decided that the musician Daniel Yowad Ibárcena Mollyk from his brother’s same parallel band (Daniel Ramón Ibárcena Mollyk) join the “Avoidant” project.
After some weeks of composition and having made two songs, the band’s genre was defined and they began to look for a second guitar player, an idea that was discarded because of the lack of people, so they maintained the idea of remaining with just one guitar player. Afterwards, they contacted Ichthyosis’ bass player, John Coronado, also known by the Ibárcena brothers.
Through constant interaction between the Ibárcena brothers and Giancarlo Melgar, the songs that will appear in their first EP “Morphology” were finished."

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