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Monday, September 09, 2013

Guillotined - Demo 2013

Demo, Self-released
August 16th, 2013

1. Suffering Through Inhuman Savagery
2. Cremation of Disembodied Corpses
3. Bloodsoaked Human Bodies

Origin: Dasmarinas, Philippines
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Website: www.facebook.com/guillotinedph

"Guillotined, formerly known as Uteral Regurgity, was formed in October 2007 by AC (guitars) & Bin (vocals). After releasing 2 demos, Demo 2008 and 2009, Guillotined contacted Brute! Productions responding with positive feedback and had Guillotined signed under their label. The album entitled "Souls Eternally Devoured" features 8 songs of brutality, was released in September 2010.
Guillotined is currently working on their second full length album with new vocals, adding a drummer and a bassist, hoping to have it released by the first quarter of year 2014 or earlier."

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