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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Fragments Of Death #1

Compilation, RTM Productions
September 2013

1. Among Rats - Snow Covered
2. Cerebral Extinction - Artificial Stimulation
3. Vagination - Sickity Of Dismember (Bandung Whore) feat. Syphilic
4. Nekrodeus - Lenore
5. Disgraved - Imminent Death
6. With All My HAte - Prophecy
7. Macabre Demise - Stench of Death
8. Maggot Collony - Conducted by Filth
9. Inferted Pussyfix - Koliba
10. Create Rapid Massacre - Stalin 21
11. Gore Instinct - Supernumerary Nipple
12. Internal Devour - Inlaws and Hacksaws
13. Viral Dystrophy - Gutted and Dismembered
14. Suicide of Disaster - Excision Repulsive Entrails
15. Deformed Cadaver - Hacked and Slashed
16. Putrefy the Living - Save Your Solace
17. Flesh Eater - Paranormal Burger Fuck

Origin: Various
Genre: Death Metal/Brutal Death Metal
Website: www.rebirththemetal.de.vu

Free sampler released by Rebirth the Metal Prod.

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Originally uploaded by rot

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