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Friday, March 23, 2012

Ratbomb - Natural Born Grinders

Full Length,

self released


1. Get drunk or smoke trying 01:32
2. Mongo wankery 01:54
3. Sheepery 00:33
4. Grind your face 01:24
5. White line fever 01:49
6. Napalm surgery 01:45
7. Social Anesthesia 01:08
8. Fuck, drink & die 02:12
9. No groove no compromise 00:49
10. Come tu unbelievers 02:07
11. Mass mind controlling 01:43
12. Wake up 01:28
13. Miasma drunk 05:03
14. Down my throat (Disrupt cover) 02:07

Origin: France
Genre: Grindcrust

Too bad I'm sitting in the office while listening to this as this makes me want to turn the volume up and throw things around! I just might do that once I get back home - it has been a while since I heard some good grindcore. Some more aggression in the vocals would make it even better but this is some good stuff right here!

Download: Mediafire Link

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Posted by Metal Invader

This material has been uploaded with the permission of the band.

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Danilo said...

fucking sick band