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Monday, March 26, 2012

Discovering the Underground - Dave Ingram (Ex-Bolt Thrower/Benediction)

To add some variety apart from the demos and other material posted on DMI, we're starting a new feature where we can have a few quick questions answered by more or less famous and respected personalities in the extreme metal scene. We're proud and truly honored to begin this series with mr. Dave Ingram, former vocalist of such legends as Bolt Thrower and Benediction!

1. Please name a few underground/unknown bands which have impressed you lately (and a short line or two about each band would be good).

The one band that has really impressed me in the last couple of years come from Latvia. They're called DEHYDRATED GOAT and I strongly recommend them to everyone. Not only is their music extremely heavy, it also entertains too. The band have a great sense of humor in addition to a massive wall of sound, which makes for the perfect combination. These guys are a MUST listen!

2. Name a few new albums which you think everyone should check out (and a short line or two about what's good about the album).

That's easy...and I think everyone will know them already: BOLT THROWER!! By far my favorite Metal band on the planet - and it was an honor to be a part of the war machine too. IF someone doesn't know the band then they really should begin listening now, and picking up their entire back-catalog. They're one of, if not the most influential bands around...and also the hardest working!

3. Some old albums which u have been listening to lately (and a short line or two about what's good about the album)?

I listen to many different types of music, so it's difficult to say which I consider my favorites. Bolt Thrower's "For Victory" is an absolute classic, plus I also like a lot of Queens Of The Stone Age and Kyuss. When it comes to Death/Thrash Metal I think, besides Bolt Thrower, it has to be Voivod - "Killing Technology", Death - "Scream Bloody Gore", Autopsy - "Mental Funeral" and Amebix - "Monolith" ...These albums all made a serious mark on me when I first heard them.

4. Any other message for DMI readers? What is your opinion about DMI?

I hope that everyone who reads this blog appreciates everything on offer here just as much as I do. It's fantastic what you do and without it I would have missed out on a lot of excellent underground music. Many thanks!

Websites: www.darksentinel.dk

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