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Monday, March 19, 2012

Krokmitën - Alpha Beta

Full Length, self released

Aug 2011

This is a concept album meant to be heard in a single sitting. The gapless version of the album (mentioned below) is split up into 19 chapters.

Origin: Canada
Genre: Experimental Death Metal

Really interesting and well played music. You cant go wrong with this if you like progressive and technical death metal. It is a pleasant surprise to see something so professional and well recorded available for free, and needless to say this deserves support. Also check this link for a very informative and detailed interview with the band!


Krokmiten Alpha-Beta (Audio MP3 320kbps with Artwork) Zip [note: this is one single mp3 file with the whole album. There is a separate 'gapless' version on offer at http://www.krokmiten.com which has chapters cut into individual tracks]

Krokmiten Alpha-Beta (Video Standard Definition for iPhone/Android Phone with Artwork) Zip

Krokmiten Alpha-Beta (Video High Definition 720p MPG with Artwork) Zip

Posted by Metal Invader

This material has been uploaded with the permission of the band.

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