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Monday, June 07, 2010

Primal Order – Conform

Full-length, Independent

1. The Conqueror
2. Incantation of Suffering
3. Doombringer
4. Lust
5. A Blight Upon...
6. Chaos
7. Impelling Force
8. Plagueridden
9. Hellspawn

Origin: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Genre: Death Metal
Website: www.myspace.com/impellingforce

"During the lengthy period of disbandments and silence, several core members of deceased projects from different disciplines continued to communicate about the general state of heavy music in the local vicinity. Rik (Dr. Satan, Seventh Throne), Maarten (Dr. Satan, Waking The Dead), Psyborg (Der Slachtmacht, Turbo Torture), and RD (Seventh Throne), members of bands with different styles, have all agreed about the abysmal musical state in the area. The common appreciation for old school, no-nonsense, obnoxious, and riff-heavy death metal has lead to a common yearning, rather an obsession, to deliver the same primitive blows to break the painful silence. Obituary, Nominon, Death, Asphyx, Vomitory, Unleashed, and others, are to be thanked for the birth of an inspiring spark. A shared frustration about the lack of proper metal acts, and the fact that a lot of current metal bands seem to have forgotten what the music is all about, only led to further motivation and increasing urge to start another project.
Sometime in 2009, these remnants of former local projects, decided that enough was enough. If they wanted to have things the way they wanted, they're just going to have to get out and do it themselves. Despite their different musical backgrounds, they formed an alliance with the sole purpose of doing their share in bringing back what made death metal great.
Five individuals with an unhealthy obsession with metal, alcohol, and a shared frustration, seemed to be just the right ingredients needed to bring forth a creation that aims to claim its place. A creation with the sole goal of restoring death metal to its former glory. Expect nothing fancy, just a barrage of riffs, and hard pounding beats delivered with shattering intensity. There will be no compromises. The primal rage within us all shall be awakened. Prepare for the return of the primordial form, the restoration of the old ways; the Primal Order."
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1 comment:

Primal said...

Hi everybody! thanks for listening to our music, one thing though, the cover art is not the final one
Marihuana and Metal greetings
Primal Order