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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Meticulous Despoilment - The Beer Battered, Bacon Wrapped, Deep Fried Burrito

Demo, Self-Released

1. The Cumpuppets of Notre Dame
2. Dog Cock Lollipops
3. Daddy Rugmuncher the Sperm Junkie
4. The Philosophy of Dildos (Ram and Jam)
5. Humpty Dumptys Whore House of Horror
6. Hardcore is for Fags
7. I Would Make Love to Susan Boyle
8. Tik Tok Sloppy Cok
9. Tik Tok Sloppy Cok (Dirty Little Slut Remix - Mick)
10. The Cumpuppets of Notre Dame (Quasi-Mojo Remix - Disho)

Origin: Hobart, Australia
Genre: Grindcore/Slam
Website: www.myspace.com/majordisappointment

"Slammy grind sickness from hobart, featuring members of Separatist, Mephistopheles and I Live In Your Basement... enjoy!"

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Originally uploaded by rot

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