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Monday, April 12, 2010

Once Godlike - Promo 2010

Demo, Self-Released

Origin: Antwerp, Belgium
Genre: Technical Death/Black Metal
Website: www.myspace.com/oncegodlike

Deathmetal.be review:

"Like most bands these days, changes are something to be dealt with and put into something positive. Once Godlike started out as a hardcore-outfit and have evolved (because of some crucial line-up problems) to a more mature type of playing. They released an EP in 2007 which contained some heavy songs packed with memorable riffs but unfortunately they hadn’t caught much publicity then. 2008 was another milestone when two of the main characters left the band. The addition of new blood made them go into another direction, of which ‘promo2010’ is the first example. Technical dark metal (overlapping with doom/death metal) with a high passion for amorph riffing and a fascination for highly complex black metal. This promo isn’t something one can capture by just listening to it once, and they still keep surprising me with every listen.
The base for Once Godlike is deathmetal, with its stomping drums and over-the-top singing, but the band is truly all over the place. Very skilled musicianship with a taste for renewal is what they bring and they bring it for free! Fans of the earlier work can find a shot of technical melodic metal (Art of Impact) and fans of a more diverse sound packed with different impressions can gladden themselves with the new fine piece of strange and utter unique metal. Although this promo is a work in progress, they are obviously talented and eager to improve.


Written by Tom Dejonghe"

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