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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

EYETOFUK - Orgazmik Holofukout

Full-length, Torn Flesh Records

1. Godsperm
2. Sweet Satan Pill
3. Zombie Rampage In The Whorehouse
4. Breakass Sacrifice
5. Drugsexual Abscess
6. Fragment - Eye Set To Fuk
7. Orgiastic Human Fukout
8. Gonzo Porn Attack
9. Aliex Sex Slayer
10. Teenage Banging Ritual
11. Orgasm Killed Bill
12. Slowgasm

Origin: Vilnius, Lithuania
Genre: Death Metal/Grindcore/Industrial/Breakcore
Website: www.myspace.com/eyetofuk

"EYETOFUK was blasted upon this slimy Earth in 2004 as a one man project initialized by Xlip. Influenced by Pornogrind, Industrial, Death metal and Breakcore acts such as IMPETIGO, LIBIDO AIRBAG, INTENSE SOAKED CLOTH, AMOEBIC DYSENTERY, APHEX TWIN, BONG-RA, etc.., the first demo “Wankfest 2666” was released in 2004 and received raving/hating reactions worldwide. People were blown away or confused by the sick spews such as “Cuntslap”, “Ultraporno Flick Shot”, “Dope Slut Disaster”, “Pussylift” instigating hallucinatory images into their brains.
September 2005 saw the release of "4-Way Versus: Droppin' Shit Split" on Fecal Matter Discorporated Records which also included sick bands BODY DYSMORPHIC DISORDER (BUL), ABSURDGOD (JAP) and BAKANS (JAP). Basically it was a re-mastered version of "Wankfest 2666" in a better package all way round.
In 2006 Xlip has dug out EYETOFUK back to sleazy world of porn and drugs. With new partners in aural crime ear brutalization namely T-Roll on guitars (OBTEST) and Krilz aka GG Chinaski (BORA) on bass, 8 eardrilling, brutalizing assaults were recorded. Grindhead Records from Australia released them as a split CD with Italian Porn Gore grinders PUTRID WHORE called "Drufuked & Pornified". This hallucinating slab of pure bizzareness saw the day in October 2007, one year after it's final completion. Reviews as usual were of love/hate kind, some people digging the release fanatically, while others hating it vomitically.
Before “Drufuked & Pornified” was released, EYETOFUK has involved guitar molester RaiKer (ex-DISSECTION) to lay down some riffz for a new 4 track 3”CD-R demo “Just FukFukFuk Off” which came out in Summer of 2007. A track “Fukeye Slutz” appeared on a sickest cumpilation “100 Way Splatter Fetish” released in cooperation between Parkinson Wankfist and Alarma Records. “Klitophagic Ketamine Absorption” also appeared on a 10-Way-Compilation “Unasisted Homebirhts” on Parkinson Wankfist Records in December 2007. After the split release Xlip turned on to DJ’ing and playing Industrial/EBM or heavy Dub sets as DJ Plix while T-Roll and GG Chinaski went back to their main bands which released new albums.
The end of 2008 marked another EYETOFUK line up change. Don Peezo (bass) and El Zoth (guitars) from cult Lithuanian Death Metal band DISSECTION stepped in and during 2009 the band wrote and recorded a new album called “Orgazmik Holofukout”. It contains 12 new tracks about bizarre sex practices, hallucinogenic substances, zombies, orgazmik rituals and horror. Musically it is mostly inspired by classic SLAYER, OBITUARY, BOLT THROWER riff aggression mixed with violent breakcore outbursts and punishing industrial/horror atmosphere of SCHLOSS TEGAL, G.G.F.H., PLASMA POOL and MALHAVOC. After failing to reach satisfactory deals with “normal” labels, the band decided to team up with Torn Flesh Records netlabel and put this album (profesionally mastered by James Plotkin @ Plotkinworks Studios) for a free download and later on release a limited editon CD which will be available straight from the band. So thanx for downloading “Orgazmik Holofukout” and for more updates about EYETOFUK visit www.myspace.com/eyetofuk."

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