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Monday, April 05, 2010

Mechanica Sundown - 3

EP, Self-Released

1. Monolith
2. Legacy Of Cain
3. Mesmer(0)

Origin: Sacavem, Portugal
Genre: Metal/Death Metal/Grindcore
Website: www.myspace.com/mechanicasundown

Preview EP '3' featuring 3 tracks from forthcoming full album 'AntagonistA'.

"Our intentions aren’t solely to reveal MECHANICA SUNDOWN to the audience but also to find a label that can work with us and show our solid, yet defined work .'Antagonista' has 11 songs completely recorded,mixed and mastered and full artwork done.This is a year of conquer and we feel that the promotion through the entities that put on a similar effort to show the masses the more extreme musical styles is a fundamental priority in today’s world.
'AntagonistA' is a different work in the metal panorama.We bet on creative diversity,configured in a multiplicity of heavy sub-genres geared by a really unique identity.
Each song has its own soul.Ther is hard inteligent but direct riffing, structured in a certain death inspiration, mechanized rythms and sporadic melodic ideas, moments of aggressive groove and samples that remember industrial ambiences. The energic flux of the fluxo is Thrash and has some Grind tastes here and there,all this serves as a solid basis for the gutural vocals and the clean melodies that appear here and there.
Sarcastically and with an anti-labeling tone, MECHANICA SUNDOWN called this schizoid adventure, 'hybrid-metal'.
'AntagonistA' MECHANICA SUNDOWN’s reflection on a mirror but our future may be darker,heavier and with much more agressive attitude."

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