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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gateway - Aeternae

EP, Self-Released
September 2014

1. Kha'laam
2. Mangled Icons
3. Vocatvs

Origin: Bruges, Belgium
Genre: Death/Doom Metal
Website: www.facebook.com/gatewaydeathdoom

"Gateway was born somewhere in the medieval depths of Bruges, Belgium and exists as a one-man project lead by Robin Van Oyen.
Firmly rooted in death and doom metal, Gateway aims to create a vast wall of sound with slabs of drone and sludge. A bleak mausoleum filled with sluggish, monumental riffage and horrendous growls that echo beyond it’s desolate walls. Gateway puts heavy emphasis on bulldozing death metal grooves influenced by the old school likes of Cianide, Winter and Rippikoulu while cranking up the low-end sounds as heard in lingering sludge and doom.
Slow, heavy and rotten..."

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Originally uploaded by rot

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Unknown said...

Fuck yea, this is amazing. I'm not a huge death metal fan, but the doom aspect of this band is definitely more prevalent.

ih said...

thanks for sharing.. :)

djrain said...

Thx for post.What do u think about drum loops like in these tracks ,i share with u https://www.lucidsamples.com/search?