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Friday, January 03, 2014

Severity - The Final Days Of Man

Demo, Endless Violence Distribution
December 2013

1. Streamline
2. An Endless Thought
3. Descending Into Depravity
4. Ripped In Half (Mortician cover)
5. Time To Act! (Nasum cover)

Origin: Benque, Belize
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Website: www.facebook.com/Severitybz

"Belize, the jewel of the Caribbean and Latin America, A quiet little county that’s been laid back and in some cases forgotten by time. But like everything in this life there is a dark side to it in Belize that would be its small but vibrant metal scene. While veterans of the genre such as Lasher Zombie and Kill The Whore have made a good name for themselves last years from the shadows a new form of Brutality came to light. A Deathgrind outfit known as Death Suppressor took over the scene with sounds that would make Mortician and Devourment proud. Quickly they became the most prominent band of the country in part due to the Hellish pipes of their singer Jp Kristov. Now from the master of depravity himself comes his very own one man project Severity. While not much of an ax man and having production value being a bit lacking this project encases that which made Death Suppressor, Severity and Jp so well loved in both the Belizean, and Southern Mexican Metal Scene. Severity’s 'The Last Days Of Man' encompasses three original songs that show off on of Belize’s most loved Metal singers and includes a cover of Mortician’s 'Ripped In Half' That would make Will Rahmer proud. A low production Nasum cover stands as a tribute to their fallen singer. If you like bands such as Ecephalopathy, Devourment, Mortician, Necrambulant, Cesspool Of Vermin check this little project out."

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