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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Illinois' Love For Carnage - Slam Sindicate [promo]

Promo, Permeated Records
February 2013

1. Gojira's Objections
2. ...of What's Turning?
3. Rocking Buffalo (demo 2010)
4. Chicago Boogiepop (demo 2010)
5. Slam Syndicate (demo 2010)
6. ...of What's Turning? (demo 2010)

Origin: Russia
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Website: www.facebook.com/IllinoisLoveForCarnage

"Permeated Records goes east and is pleased to announce the signing of the russian sumo-heavy-weight Illinois' Love for Carnage. The already completely recorded album will be out soon and in occassion to that we will release a promo with two new songs off the album plus songs taken from the old demo. The promo comes along with a limited T-Shirt. Expect a crazy mix of gutturals, harsh vocals, blasts, slams and experimental parts. The album is being mixed and mastered at TsunTsun Productions."
You can purchase whole release directly at Permeated's Store.

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