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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Vomit Disease - Demo 2012

Demo, Self-released

1. Sanity's Entombment
2. Set Them Ablaze

Origin: Nürnberg, Germany
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Website: www.facebook.com/VomitDisease

"In 2009 'Cult of Cunt' was founded by Danilo and Dominik. After creating a temporarily line-up some months were spent on songwriting followed by several line-up changes. In January 2010 Tobias joined the band as a drummer.
The band was renamed to 'Vomit Disease' in the beginning of 2011 and began to overhaul their songs and also write new material. Throughout the year a lot of bandmembers joined and left quickly for several reasons. The motivation to write and rehearse faded and the project was almost scrapped.
With Dominik, Danilo and Tobias remaining as the only constant members of the band bass player Roman a.k.a. prophecy joined the band in the middle of 2012 and finally a steady line-up was found.
A new era has been started and further tunes will be unleashed upon you!"

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