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Monday, December 03, 2012

DominatioN - Aspects Of Brutality

EP, Self-released

1. Void Of Absence
2. Sentenced To Die
3. Soul Decrypted

Origin: Split, Croatia
Genre: Death Metal
Website: www.facebook.com/DominatioN.CRO

"We are a death metal band from Split (Croatia). The story of DominatioN starts in summer of 2006 when a group of kids got together to play metal. In the beginning we played only covers of well known thrash and death metal bands such as Venom, Death, Sepultura, Kreator etc. Soon after our first live performances in spring of 2007 we've managed to create our own songs inspired by our influences.
In late 2008 the band had a first line up change (new guitarists joined the band) and this change lasted until march 2009.
In 2008 we recorded our first demo with no title, just 6 tracks to serve as some kind of promo even though its quality is questionable. From 2006 to present time we've had several line up changes (just guitar players) but despite that we have worked our way through lots of shows, demo recordings and we've kept the band working.
In the fall of 2012 we are scheduled for entering the studio to record our first full length album. If the recording process continues as planned, our first album is expected to be finished in spring of 2013. The band's current occupation is playing gigs and writing new songs for upcoming records."

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