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Friday, October 19, 2012

DreamLongDead - MadnessDeadGrave: Invocations Three to the ONES That Lurk at the Threshold

Full-length, Self-released
October 11th, 2012

1. The Madness From Above
2. The Dead Dream Under Our Skin
3. The Comfort of a Cold Grave

Origin: Athens, Greece
Genre: Doom/Death Metal
Website: www.facebook.com/Dreamlongdead

"…the soundtrack of a George Romero directed grainy super 8 shot, black and white zombie exploitation flick, about a meta-apocalyptic world where only cannibals and junkies survive. The testament of a ravaged planet which the Ancient Ones have reclaimed in their abominable talons and tentacles!
Or else primitive monolithic doom death metal punk from Athens, Greece in the tradition of Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Autopsy, Winter, Amebix, Darkthrone, Nihilist, Entombed, and Grave...
Shiver and tremble!
Live (and undead) appearances have already pustulated and during the winter, spring and summer of 2012 studio recordings had festered upon you all to infest this putrid world!"

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