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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Depopulate - Till' Man Exists No More

EP, Self-released

1. Intro
2. Deranged I Slice
3. Pandemic Lust
4. Wastesoaked
5. Show Me the Way to Your Heart
6. Harvesting Human Flesh

Origin: Katowice, Poland
Genre: Death Metal
Website: www.facebook.com/depopulate

"DEPOPULATE formerly called Eviscerated is known of its frequent appearances on gigs and its material which was included on Silesian Butchers Compilation CD. Recordings of the EP were held in SH Studio in Katowice, Poland. Mix and master was done by Maels known from Polish band StrommoussHeld. 'Till Man Exists No More' contains 5 furious petards preceded by sadistic intro which together can be considered as a marriage between Decapitated and Suffocation."

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