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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dead In A Ditch - Promo 2012

Promo, Self-released

1. White Rock Road
2. Hemicraniectomy

Origin: Portland, OR, USA
Genre: Gore/Death Metal
Website: www.facebook.com/DeadInADitch

"Musically Dead In A Ditch is a continuation of Eulogy (Sacto, PDX). Eulogy being a Death/Gore Metal band who has primarily low guttural vocals mixed with high pitched screeching similar to At The Gates, The Accused, Carcass or Kreator. Eulogy mixed many different styles to create a unique sound all their own. The lyrical content is generally about murder, serial killers, plagues, religion, etc. The Eulogy name HAD to be changed due to the fact that there was already a Death Metal band from Florida called that who was signed, put out records and toured. Eulogy had already put out a 7" Vinyl Record, a Demo Tape and had full color shirts printed up before we were informed of the Florida Eulogy. There are also a ton of other bands named Eulogy. So it was time for a change... a fresh start."

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