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Monday, June 25, 2012

Godz Ov War - Compilation

Compilation, Godz Ov War Prod.

1. CENTURION - Desecration of the Holy Kingdom
2. CENTURION - Gateways to Condemnation
3. EMBRIONAL - Bestial Torture
4. EMBRIONAL - Vermin of the Earth
5. EMPATIC - The Game
6. EMPATIC - Tomorrowland
7. GENIUS ULTOR - Apage Katabas
8. GENIUS ULTOR - Rondle Wojny
9. HELLSPAWN - evelation of the Red Dragon
10. HELLSPAWN - The First Banner in the Fields of Devil
11. HOLODOMOR - Evoke
12. HOLODOMOR - Tribulation Stigmata
13. PANDEMONIUM - Avant-Garde Underground
14. PANDEMONIUM - Only the Dead Will See the End of War
15. SPHERE - Sadistfucktion
16. SPHERE - War
17. STILLBORN - Blood and Dust
18. STILLBORN - Son of the Holy Motherfucker
19. TURIN TURAMBAR - Prokreacja Niebytu
20. TURIN TURAMBAR - Bagno Mar

Origin: Poland
Genre: Death/Black Metal

Promo compilation of Polish underground death/black scene.

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Originally uploaded by rot

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