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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ascended Dead - Demo I (Ascended Dead)

Demo, Self-released
June 2012

1. Mortification of Souls
2. Caustic Decay
3. Unholy Ecstasy
4. Mortuus Ascendum

Origin: San Diego, CA, USA
Genre: Death Metal
Website: www.facebook.com/pages/Ascended-Dead

"Ascended Dead formed in mid 2011 by JR and IL from the ashes of Decay, their previous band. CK was recruited on drums, JM was recruited on bass, and the 4-piece has sought to create primitive, visceral, psychotic Death Metal, without limitations."

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Originally uploaded by rot

This material has been uploaded with the permission of the band. Please do post your comments below.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow this is shit. I was expecting a decent death metal band and found shitty death/thrash with horrible solos. I would skip.

Anonymous said...

Sucks. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Agreeing with the previous two posts, pretty bland stuff. Sure, it's raw and has an ''old school'' sound, but there are plenty of bands doing the same thing but much better, so why even bother with this?
I love old school death metal and quite a few of the ''revival'' bands, but enough is enough, just because something is labeled "old school" or "raw and primitive" doesn't make it good.

Anonymous said...

If the music had no impact on (the listener) you then I don't see any incentive for one to even leave such a negative feedback, puzzled as to why it even exists. That being said, I hope you all (or one person) understand that your view is without any real "validation".

It's inconsequential really, there's millions out there yet to form their opinions on this music and band. So it's relative, many will think we suck and many won't. Trying to sway people into disliking something they've yet to hear without any preconceptions because it isn't your cup of tea is both a sign of cowardice and weakness, especially under the "anon" moniker. Instead you could just say "it's not my thing" and move on.

And as for the whole "medicore" "old school cop out" argument. Any artist out there creates music "he/she would like to hear" and it's nothing different with this band. I know the musical venture isn't on a basis of trying to live up to some misplaced sense of uniqueness or individuality or to try to satisfy the idealization of what people think is "good" music or "honest" musicianship.

I know the band and i can tell you this. They want to play death metal, so they are "Plain and fucking simple".

If you can't hear the honesty, hard work and passion behind the music then it isn't for you so just move on and forget. Because their is a legion of fans who do hear it and they will continue to grow with or without your support.

Anonymous said...

This is sick

Anonymous said...

haha this is great online bitchery Specially the guy that goes on a rant, most be a menber or something. Its sad that he has to defend his music, to some opinions, yes people opinions. For those that care about the music this is not that great, the drums are badly mixed/miced but ok drumming. Also the guitar tone is really annoying, most likely head distortion only (they should get some pedals to fix that) also a lot of riffs are rip offs but now a day most things are. Bass is not present most likely a good thing. Last but not least the Vocals, wow they are horrible but fit the music. I wouldn't say horrible solos as I would random (Think Trey from MA half the time). I deleted the demo after some time nothing amazing. Look them up on youtube first before you download.

Anonymous said...

i hate smelly pussies

Anonymous said...

Agreed, this reeks. For some true metal Undergang.

Anonymous said...

sucks period !!!!!!!!!!!!