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Friday, March 18, 2011

Womb Of Decay - Descent Into Obscure Nihilism

Full-length, Gris Rec./Extreminal Prod.

1. Geomagnetic Erosion Beyond The Fields Of Horizontal Solar Eclipse
2. Cyclical Sado Nature Of The Planets
3. Unearthly Existence
4. Massive Particle Trenscendence Indepths Through Wormholes
5. Minimalist Isolated Lifeform
6. Swallowed Into The Shattered Dusk
7. Inharmonious Frozen Sunlight Over The Cathedral Neptune
8. Descent Into Obscure Nihilism
9. Fall Into Sinister Spheres

Origin: Turkey
Genre: Funeral Doom/Death Metal
Website: www.myspace.com/wombofdecay

"Womb Of Decay formed in September 2010 as a solo project band of Batu Cetin who is the vocalist of brutal death metal band Cenotaph (Tur). Batu handles all the instruments, vocals & recordings of Womb Of Decay. Womb Of Decay will consist of 4 episodes. The first episode will come as - Descent Into Obscure Nihilism - CD total 9 tracks 51 minutes of funeral doom/death metal. Watch out for further updates and infos soon!"
Material received directly from Batu.

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