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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Magenta Harvest - A Familiar Room

Demo, Self-Released
February 18th, 2011

1. Sermon
2. Spawn of Neglect
3. Killing Sign
4. A Familiar Room

Origin: Pietarsaari/Helsinki, Finland
Genre: Death Metal
Website: www.myspace.com/magentaharvest

"Magenta Harvest started as a two man project in 2005 by Timo K(Havoc Unit, O, ex-...and Oceans) and Janne (Mygrain, ex-...and Oceans). The idea for creating this band was maybe to continue making the kind of metal we used to do with '95 era of ...and Oceans. Of course that was only the starting point. The actual sound of the band was taking form after all of the members were recruited. A few years went by quite fast as a duo. A lot of different things and ideas were tested during the years. Some material were created along the way though. In 2009 second guitarist Timo H(Total Vomit Experience) joined the band as well as bassist Jonas (Chthonian). As a four piece we continued the search for the right sound for the band. Several songs were made and we were ready for the studio to make our first demo. The reason for making the demo right away was just to take the first step as a band and to hear the songs recorded with decent sound. Now only the singer was missing. It was quite easy to ask this one guy for that job and thus the following year Mathias (Finntroll, Chthonian) joined the band. This was easy because we had discussed about this with Mathias already a few years earlier, but the decision wasn't that clear at first because Mathias were quite busy with his other musical activities and we thought also that there was no need for any singer before we had the rest of band in order and also some stuff ready to work with. When Mathias joined the band he actually came directly to the studio. Of course he didn't have any lyrics ready then, but luckily we got help from Jan (ex-Finntroll). Now at this point when the demo is ready, we can honestly say that this isn't a project anymore but a real band."

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