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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

V/A - Hate/Life

Compilation, Swarm Of Nails/Throatruiner Records

1. Anorak "Some Skirts"
2. Arms of Ra "Pyramids"
3. Art of Burning Water "Only Chocking"
4. As We Draw "Way Down"
5. Birds in Row "Orange Disease"
6. Bloodkitt "Void Woods, Skin Roads"
7. Bone Dance "Birds Singing"
8. Celeste "Il y a Bien Des Porcs Que Ca Ferait Bander de T'étouffer"
9. Chere Catastrophe "Party Time"
10. Danishmendt "Chutes"
11. Dreams of the Drowned "Liquids of Apathy"
12. Elitist "Back to the Funeral"
13. Exilym "Man Never Went To The Moon"
14. Hky "Monument Inversion"
15. Huata "Alchemist Reborn"
16. Mygirlfriendisawatermelon "You Should Try"
17. Nesseria "Par Pertes Et Profits"
18. Pigeon "Anchorite"
19. Plebeian Grandstand "Ordo Ab Chao"
20. Pretty Mary Dies "To The Bomb"
21. Quartier Rouge "Douche Dorée"
22. Reno "Is This a Turning Point or Just the End?"
23. Rqtn "N3"
24. Sickbag "Scar Manifesto"
25. Stuntman "Draw the Portrait"
26. Totorro "My Bob's Blue Eye"
27. Xnoybis "Picardian Fight Song"

Origin: Various
Genre: Various
Website: www.myspace.com/throatruinerrecords

Free compilation from Swarm Of Nails and Throatruiner Records - from blackened hardcore to post-rock, from grind to sludge, from crust to noise.

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