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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lysergic Rites Of Sadopriest - Ritually Abused Orifice/Mongoloid Messiah

EP, Independent

1. Speculum Feast For A Sacrificial She-Pig
2. Astrally Projected Erection
3. Showered In The Semen Of A Mongoloid Monk
4. Intense Mortification (Impetigo)
5. Aftermath Of A Venereal Exorcism
6. Hallucinogenic Witch Ejaculate
7. Ritually Abused Orifice
8. Disgusting Corpse Dissection (GUT)
9. Blotter-Fed Oracle Molestation
10. Raped By A DMT Entity
11. Boiling A Slave (Pt. 1)
12. Hemmorhaging Cunt Hex
13. Mongoloid Messiah
14. The Succubus
15. Forced To Lactate For A Septic Dwarf
16. Terrorized Twats In The Sacrificial Pit
17. Huffing Psychotropic Fumes of Unholy Minge

Origin: Sterling, USA
Genre: Electro-Gore Cybergrind
Website: www.myspace.com/lysergicritesofsadopriest

"Prepare to ingest 38 filth-ridden minutes of frenzied electro-gore mayhem inspired by S.M.E.S, Microphallus, Purulent Wormjizz & Libido Airbag. Mastered by Scott Hull at Visceral Sound for maximum rancidity!"

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Originally uploaded by rot

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