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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Intestinal Milkshake - Grindelicious Compilation

Compilation, None

1. Atrocious Abnormality - Punished Humanity
2. Cropment - Pinned And Skinned
3. Kraanium - Reverse Abortion
4. Abnormity - Vomit Carnage
5. Distorted Impalement - Austria`s Finest In Brutality
6. Slaughtery - Slaughtery's Awakening
7. Hybrid Viscery - Sodomized By A Yeti
8. Vulvectomy - Putrescent Clitoral Fermentation
9. Intracranial Butchery - Adipocere Hymn Of Decomposition
10. Fleshrot - Essence Of Decay
11. Begging For Incest - Fill Every Hole
12. Purulent Jacuzzi - Laxative For The Brains
13. Cephalic Impurity - Chamber Of Moans
14. Suffocate Bastard - Cold Eyes Of Murder
15. Slam Coke - Sniff Silence
16. Cranalapture - Corpse For My Mass Grave
17. Despise - Blind To All Reason

Origin: Various
Genre: Various Death Metal
Website: http://intestinal-milkshake.blogspot.com

Great compilation from Intestinal Milkshake team. Designed by Jorge - Check Around Production, Mixed by Krovx.

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Originally uploaded by rot

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