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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Dead Warrior - The Progress Of Disaster

EP, Self-Released

1. The Progress of Disaster (Intro)
2. Plaza Constitución
3. Ensueno de Minotauro
4. Capricho de los Dioses
5. We built Optimus Prime
6. Shao Kahn vs Rayden (Round II)

Origin: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Genre: Death Metal/Metal/Hardcore
Website: www.myspace.com/deadwarriorband

"After several musical projects, Guido and Luciano decided to summon musicians for a new band project. That's how they contacted Javier, a drummer they had known for years and Nevi (guitar), through one of Guido's and Luciano's friends.
In 2007 Dead Warrior's line up is almost complete with Guido (guitar), Luciano (bass), Nevi (guitar), Javier (drums).
In 2008 they start making songs and decide to record some of the material (without a vocalist) to start promoting the band. Later, halfway through that year some changes are made, Daniel (vocals) from Those Endless Eyes joins the band and Charly (Those Endless Eyes)takes Javier's place as a drummer.
This 2010 Dead Warrior is promoting the EP "The Progress of Disaster" through the web, and planning many gigs in Buenos Aires and the surroundings."

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Anonymous said...

I cannot describe how amazed I was when I first listened to their band... that was two minutes ago but still, they're amazing.