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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fragments Of Death #2

Compilation, RTM Productions
October 2013

1. HellCraft - A Hunger
2. Gluttonous Decapitation - Harvesting Putrid Fluids
3. Cerebral Paralysis - Slut Hunting
4. Rotting Empire - Nailed To The Cross
5. Hydropneumothorax - Never Eat the Feet
6. Visceral - DeformaciĆ³n Narcisista
7. Human Decomposition - Wormhole Prototype
8. Concrete - Devour My Flesh
9. Death Artery - Anjing Berkalung Sorban
10. Disinterred - Apocalypse Reckons
11. Gangrena - The Zombie Chronicles
12. Guttural Putrefaction - Abominable Devourment
13. Purulent Necropsys - Repulsion
14. Anal Flesh - Three Fuckers & A Hammer
15. Necrosphere - Feeding The Caskets
16. Eminent Terror - Corroded Cadaver
17. Gorged Bile - Rotting Abyss of Time
18. Human Carcass Crop Circle - Alien Fistfuck

Origin: Various
Genre: Death Metal/Brutal Death Metal
Website: www.rebirththemetal.de.vu

Another free compilation by Rebirth the Metal Prod. Previous one can be found here.

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Originally uploaded by rot

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