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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Manuscriptum - EP

EP, Self-released
November 10th, 2012

1. Foundation
2. Four
3. Circle of time
4. Heroin
5. Time heals nothing

Origin: St Petersburg, Russia
Genre: Death Metal/Grindcore
Website: http://vk.com/club13372196

"Manuscriptum is a dethgrind band from St Petersburg, Russia, formed in 2008. Manuscriptum was formed in Irkutsk, Russia, by drummer Evgeny Lavrov, guitarist Ivan Krivosheev and his brother Vladimir Krivosheev on bass. Six month later joined guitarist Borisov Konstantin. In 2010, the band moves to Saint Petersburg, where joined Kostrenkov Konstantin on vocal."

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Crinn said...

Awesome EP...hey, Can you put up a button for other bloggers to follow your posts? I don't see an option that can let me subscribe to your posts with my blogger profile. Do you think you can do that? Thanks \m/