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Monday, January 02, 2012

V/A - Greek Death/Grind Scene vol.1

Compilation, Self-Released

1. OBSECRATION (Athens) - I'm The Unholy Child
2. ABNORMAL INHUMANE (Athens) - Vehement Banishment
3. THE ANAL TREATMENT XXX-PERIENCE (Cephalonia/Patras) – Aunanismos Taxytatos
4. HEAD CLEANER (Thessaloniki) - The Plague
5. SOULSKINNER (Athens) - Not My God
6. TERRORDROME (Thessaloniki) - ...For Mayhem To Begin
7. KVAZAR (Thessaloniki) - Nyfitsa
8. WRECKAGE (Thessaloniki) - Crawl
9. GENNA APO KOLO (Thessaloniki) – Esfaze Ki Esfaze
10. BIRTH OF DEPRAVITY (Athens) - Misconceived Superiority
11. PROGRESS OF INHUMANITY (Athens) - Zero Achievement
12. NOCTURNAL VOMIT (Thessaloniki) - Pandemonic Outburst
13. SUDDEN DEATH (Thessaloniki) - Outbreak of Despair
14. INCEST IN HEAVEN (Thessaloniki) - Misbegotten
15. ETERNAL OBSCENITY (Livadeia) - The Corruption Dispersal
16. RESURGENCY (Athens) - Dark Revival
17. ONE OF THESE DAYS (Athens) - Slaves To The Filthy World
18. NECRORGASM (Athens, Kavala, Komotini) - She Bled Like A Pig
19. ALTER SELF (Athens) - Wither
20. IXPAPALOTL (Athens) - Warped In Riot
21. ECHIDNA (Thessaloniki) - Grieving Silence
22. BLOOD ERECTION (Kastoria) - Reveal The Human Inside
23. BIRTH THROUGH GORE (Thessaloniki) - Crepuscular Shadows

Origin: Greece
Genre: Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore
Website: www.facebook.com/groups/117663988320257/

Compilation of Greece's sickests! 23 trax of total madness!
Special credits goes to kreas (ATXXX) for delivering the whole release.

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Originally uploaded by rot

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1,3,4,14,21 Best songs! The rest still kick ass!