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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Amputation Spree - Terminal Velocity

EP, Self-Released
June 5th, 2011

1. Third World Genocide Machine
2. Beautiful Miracles at the Speed of Death
3. Addicted to Beheading Children Part II
4. Sudden Monolithic Realization of Chaos and Suffering

Origin: Raleigh, US
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Website: amputationspree.bandcamp.com

One-man brutal death metal project, it's the third EP release.

Mediafire link

Originally uploaded by rot

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soccer said...

nice blog you have.. success for you

Coorphy said...

The "Addicted To Beheading Children"-EP/Promo was very good. I have to say; I haven't listend to it so long, because some other good CD came out after it good it, but... yeah; it was fuckin' brutal! Good riffs, good vocals. Beyond brutal death standard.
The "Terminal Velocity"-EP/Promo is way better! Even better riffings, better vocals, better recording-quality. Very nice stuff, for me it's must have.
Hopefully AS will soon release an album with songs like those!

Spencer Van Dyk said...

Hey Coorphy! This is Spencer from AmpSpree.

An album is definitely in the works. My plan right now is to release 1 more EP to experiment with the sound a little bit more and find out what people would like and wouldn't like on the album, and then start work on the album.

It will be a concept album named "Fed To The Vomit Pit" is the most I can say at this point.

Coorphy said...

Wow! I'm gald to read about that!
If you read me, too than if wanna say one more thing;
if you have made the intro to "Third World Genocide Machine" and the parts that are like it; please put more of those brilliant scenes in your songs! I love your songs, where there are those "Melodic Black"-styled parts. Brutal death with this style is always great. Brutal parts and a guitar-solo like the one from the last track and some symphonic instruments... Hope you'll keep or even perfect this style.

Spencer Van Dyk said...

That's the plan! Symphonic elements and epic melodic guitar solos- I think brutal death is a genre with so much potential that is oft-not recognized, and I want to convert some fans that otherwise might not listen to it, while still remaining pretty genuine.

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