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Friday, December 10, 2010

Cone Of Silence - Inside

Demo, Self-Released

1. Elegy
2. Call For Blood
3. Obsession
4. Forever Dead
5. My Enemy
6. Inside
7. Cold
8. Frozen
9. Step Back
10. Just One Second

Origin: Germany
Genre: Death Metal
Website: www.coneofsilence.de

CONE OF SILENCE is a 5-piece death-metal band from Emmerich (Germany), which already had the honour to open for british legend BOLT THROWER. Influenced by old school death metal and the legendary gothenburg sound CONE OF SILENCE recently released its first full length demo. If you´re into growling vocals and crushing guitars then check this one out.

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Originally uploaded by rot

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eM!eL said...

What's up with stealing Aborym's artwork? Even if you did get their permission, that's quite sad...

Seriously, how good can your music be if you can't even make up your own fucking artwork..?

Anonymous said...

NO we have this artwork first since 2 months before aborym`s album out
greetz CoS

Anonymous said...

This is an original photo we´ve bought the rights for, longtime before Aborym (never heard about that band before!) released their album. They unfortunately used the same picture and edited it in some way! How can we steal a photo even when we use the original one???

Cone Of Silence

Anonymous said...

Pfff, couldn't care less on the question of who stole which picture. Even more since the coverthat is in question differs A LOT from the Cone of Silence album.
So, thank you guys for having the album uploaded. I like the Album a lot, though it is not he most innovative.
Macht's jut und GrĂ¼sse