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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Kind-of a belated new birthday...

So it has been more than a year since Death Metal Invasion started posting only band sanctioned material. When we started out in late 2006, we had death metal in our veins and a burning desire to reach out to like-minded people by posting as many death metal albums that we could. After many thousands of obscure/under-rated/just plain simply kick-ass links were shared, we felt it was time to stop the freebies and focus on the other side of the coin - the bands. Our daily visitor hits dropped from 1500 to 500 within the space of a year and we faced a lot of flak from regular visitors but it HAD to be done, freebies cannot be handed out indefinitely. The good thing is, we are enjoying what we do more than ever before and we are still posting kick ass death metal, this time brought to you right from the bands themselves!

My special thanks go out to rot and Bad who helped keep this going even as I had to take an un-announced break due to personal reasons, these 2 guys really epitomize what real dedication and love for this music is like.

Thanks to those who still follow us and thanks to those who write in to us...we are still here and strong! .....Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! What a great blog!
I have been following this blog for about one year now and I started following just BECAUSE of the philosophy of the blog. I haven´t felt the need for downloading any other "material" ever since and although I do not download/keep everything that is offered here, my DMI download folder contains over 7 GB with over 100 bands now and keeps growing, thanks to rot and bad. If you are really into the music, it doesn´t matter whether the band is "known" or not, it´s only the music counts. And if you can get it all legally, why download stolen stuff from boring mainstream bands? Thank you for keeping that spirit alive.
Greetings from Germany

Orthodoxyn said...

Congratulations, I have found many a good gem here, and I owe to you!

Bloodshedfest said...

Be the oracles of metal and expand from death metal to metal in general and save other bands from different genres who are worth being saved by a helpfull promotion.
Congratulations though.