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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Parasympathomimetic Thrombophlebitis - Senor Abravanel

EP, Self-Released
July 2010

1. Senor (intro)
2. Silvio
3. Portas
4. Pipa
5. Lara
6. Lombardi
7. Calouros
8. Tábua
9. Gibe
10. Ivo
11. Bambu
12. Abravahell (outro)
13. Seu Madruga Godines Dona Clotilde (bonus)
14. Chaves Senhor Barriga Senhor Calvillo (bonus)
15. Professor Girafales Chapolim Chiquinha Paty (bonus)
16. Jaiminho Senhor Furtado Doutor Chapatim (bonus)
17. Nhonho Dona Neves Tripa Seca Glória (bonus)
18. Pópis Madruguinha Satanás Frederico (bonus)
19. Dona Florinda Poucas Trancas Quico Dona Neves (bonus)

Origin: Brazil
Genre: Goregrind
Website: www.myspace.com/parasympa

"Parasympathomimetic Thrombophlebitis (a.k.a. Parasympa) is a Noisy SBT Goregrind band from Brazil featuring Dr. Cocô (Phagocytosis). We've been disgusting you since 2003. SBT is a Brazilian TV channel and Senor Abravanel, its big boss, has given us the greatest entertainment TV shows for all possible audience (children to adults) in our country. Of course we talk about the old TV shows, from the 70s to the 80s.
Parasympa then decided to release an EP in respect to his legacy. And we think that's something unusual."

Tracks #13-19 are from 'Satangamandapio' EP (2003).

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

absolute crap

long, drawn out samples followed by unintelligible throat noises and shitty midi drums. no talent or real thought put into it at all

a waste of bandwidth. from the overall quality, i imagine that was the artists goal from the beginning.