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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Antropofago - Antropofago

EP, Self-Released

2.Human Hunt
3.Barbecued Baby Back Human Legs
4.Cute Enought To Eat

Origin: France
Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal
Website: www.myspace.com/antropofagometal

"Antropofago is a technical brutal death band based in the south is from the France. The project was begun in 2007 before of really emerger in 2009 suite has a change of line up and of name. musical direction didn’t changed: a death violent leaving place in melodies and in importunate riffs. the single word is : effectiveness!! the line up was completed in 2009 with a new bass player. The first EP ANTROPOFAGO will go out at the beginning of 2010, with a new vocalist, Rémy. Now band search some gigs to defend the first ep."

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Originally uploaded by rot

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Anonymous said...

Great Band! F***ing violent!

DeathMetal Impaler said...

Fucking good, man!

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All is about my passion, I'm a brutal man and this is my category, we need more bands like them, but I hope they can find the gigs to defend the first ep, it's an important element.

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