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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Diseksa - Greed Humanity

Demo, Itchflesh Musick
November 2008

2.War Is Business
3.Hukuman Mati
5.World Slaughter
6.Nothing Equalize
7.Greed Ironfist
8.Free At Last
9.Survival (Dropdead Cover)
10.G.W.M.A. (Glory Weakness Mortal Anger)

Origin: Malaysia
Genre: Grindcore/Thrash Metal
Website: www.myspace.com/hukumanmati

"DISEKSA is a side project band by 3 individual from EVILUSIAL,DEATH STORY,DISLOCATED CEREBRUM. Formed on early 2008 at KUALA KANGSAR PERAK.

Plays Thrash/Punk/Grindcore with combination metal guitar riff + thrash&punk drumming.

Deeply influnced by dropdead,brutal truth,nasum,phobia,napalm death,carcass,terrorizer,pig destroyer(old),haemorrhage,the misfit,D.R.I,warsore,carburetor dung and some others powerviolence and RAW bands.

our lyrical is about war,political,monkey music business,social despair and gore.our demo has been released featuring 10 songs.released by ITCHFLESH MUSICK and supporting with GRIND COMBATTANT SYNDICATE. Do stay keep in touch. thank you."

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